10 Questions you should ask your makeup artist

Heather Card Fri 04 Jan 2019
These are some top questions you should be asking your makeup artist when deciding to book them for your event As featured in County Wedding Magazine. (Glos & Wilts Edition)

These are the top questions a makeup artist should be able to answer if they have not already asked you themselves...

You like the makeup artists work, seen their reviews, like their makeup style and your happy with the price, you are ready to pay your deposit here are some questions you need to ask them...

Question 1 Are you Mobile/ Do you travel to me?

If you want a makeup artist to come to you then you need to make sure that they can do this and also what the extra price is likely to be, most artists work within a radius of their home so you might be in luck and be in their "working circle" without having to pay extra. I work within a 25 mile radius of Bristol this includes parts of south wales, Bath, Weston Super Mare, Dursley, Thornbury and Chippenham.

If you want to go to a salon then you need to choose a makeup artist that has a studio or works in a salon otherwise they wont be equipped to accomodate you.

Personally I would prefer to choose someone who would be able to come to me as it would be a lot less stress than having to get somewhere and then travel back on time what if there is traffic!

Question 2 Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding day?

The answer should always be yes, not only for piece of mind for both parties involved, but to make sure you and the makeup artist fit well together and have the same vision for your makeup look to ensure that you know that you are going to get exactly what you asked for on your wedding day.

Question 3 Do you want to see pictures of makeup looks I like?

Your Makeup artist should ask you this question in the consultation, if not at the trial to get an idea of what it is you are after for your makeup look.

As a makeup artist of course I can always create something I think will suit you but you might not like it ,if your used to wearing different colours, heavier base or use different products so its always good to show your artist examples of makeup looks that you like or perhaps how you normally wear your makeup is always a good indicator for an artist to be able to create a makeup look that you will love.

Make sure you tell your makeup artist your colour theme, style of dress/outfit and what time the event is taking place as these are all factors we take into consideration.

Question 4 Do you have experience with my skin type/tone/colour/condition?

As well as colour theme, style of dress/outfit and what time the event is taking place being taken into consideration when designing your makeup look we also look at your natural colouring, skin type, tone and even hair colour is all considered when designing you your perfect makeup look.

It is worth asking your makeup artist if you have any skin conditions, or anything that might require colour correction work as not every makeup artist is equipped to work with all skin conditions, types etc. I am fully equipped for all eventualities of skin including hyper pigmentation, dark circles, birth marks , eczema etc but its worth letting your makeup artist know so that they come prepared.

Question 5 Should I bring my Veil and hair accessories with me to my trial?

Definitely yes have any accessories you intend to wear like earrings, hair vines, combs, tiaras, decorative grips and pins, hair extensions, veils with you for your trial so your makeup and hair stylist is able to incorporate all of these things into your look as these will all be taken into consideration when designing you your perfect makeup and hair look. At my bride trials I like to combine the hair and makeup trial together so you can get a clear view of what you are going to look like minus the dress of course.

Question 6 what can I expect before and at my consultation, trial and before the wedding?

Contract/consultation- Most makeup artist will get you to complete and sign a contract, if they don't make sure that you get them too as this can protect you if anything was to go array on your wedding day, the contract will state the location, date and times of your wedding, how many people they are doing hair and makeup for, sometimes the agreed price will be on the contract depends on your makeup artist. It also protects us as makeup artists too so we can make sure that you don't have any allergies, that you have tested and worn eyelash glue before, you don't have any contraindications we should be made aware about. My contract and booking system includes of this information so me and my client are both covered against unforeseen circumstances that our outside the control of both parties.

Trial/consultation- At your trial you will discuss, chosen makeup looks, ideas, dress style & colour and your wedding theme.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want yet as this is the perfect opportunity to explore some different ideas and colour choices you will be able to try out your new look and feel confident and happy with your style ready for your wedding day.

All makeup, hair styles & products will be recorded on a consultation form, photos should be taken to ensure that they are able to reproduce everyone’s look perfectly on the wedding day.

My brides tend to like to have trials alongside their bridesmaids/mothers, I find this is usually quite useful for me and the bride as we are able to determine and finalise the vision the bride has for her bridesmaids and mothers hair and makeup. Its also nice for the bride to hear how much her Bridesmaids and mother love her makeup and hair do and how beautiful she looks and will look on her wedding day.  Some brides like to be more private and just have a one to one with me and this is fine too every artist is different so you need to find out how they work during a trial.

On your wedding day your makeup artist will arrive at your specified time and will set up a makeup station, they will need as much natural light as possible, a table or surface to work on, a suitable chair or they might have their own that they bring. A mirror if possible but again they will probably bring their own too.

Your makeup artist will provide the Hair and makeup services to the agreed number of people detailed and confirmed in the original booking unless otherwise agreed they may be able to do extras on the day but only if time allows. I only accept cash if I have time to do extra people.

Your makeup artist will specifiy their timing ready for your wedding day and they will know when everyone needs to be ready by for the earliest time possible.

I like to ensure my bride also has some time to relax, get into her dress and celebrate with her wedding party before the ceremony begins so keeping to the arranged timing is ideal for everyone.  I normally say 1 hour per person but if they are also having hair, this time may need to be extended or alternatives arranged this will have been discussed at the trial.

I produce my brides stunning makeup look using only professional products and ensure all of her wedding party are picture perfect and beautiful ready for her Wedding day.

Question 7 If I change my mind can I do another trial? when is it best to book a trial?

Of course you can re arrange another trial there will be cost involved but any good makeup artist should be up for doing multiple trials until their clients are 100% happy I know I am more than happy to do multiple trials if needed , I have not experienced this yet but I know I would want my client to be 100% happy with their makeup look I tend to work with my client during the trial on a couple of looks after a thorough consultation and looking at images of makeup my client likes.

Question 8 How can I book you?

If they answered the previous questions to your liking then you might think about booking them each makeup artist is different and might have different processes for booking them most I know about it is you send an enquiry specifying your hair and makeup needs if your makeup artist does hair that is as not all of them do.

They then say they are available and then normally ask for a deposit that can be any where from 10% of total to 50% again depends on your makeup artist. I only ask for a minimum of £50 deposit for any size wedding booking.

You will be sent or during your consultation will fill in a contract like we discussed earlier and have a makeup/hair trial . The final balance is usually due 2-6 weeks before your wedding day.

I have a very different way of booking my services it is a lot more instant without having to wait around for me to respond to your inquiry and letting you know my availability.

On my website www.heathercard-makeup.co.uk

If you click on Instant quote on the drop down menu at the top of this page you will be able to put in all your makeup and hair requirements and get an instant quote, once you are happy with your quote then you click book now and will be asked for your details, were I will be notified to check my availability and you will then be notified that I am available. After this you will be requested to complete a contract for your event and make a payment for your deposit to secure your wedding date.

I will then call you to organise your makeup and hair trial and discuss your hair and makeup requirements and get an idea of the makeup look you are after.

My clients can then make ad hock payments online, right up until 4 weeks before their wedding date to help spread the cost.

The total balance will be due 4 weeks before your wedding date, I will send out an email 5 weeks before the wedding date reminding you of any outstanding balance due, I supply a receipt for every payment no matter how small so you are able to tally up your balance as can I.

Question 9 Are you a qualified professional ?

A professional makeup artist is someone that has undergone professional training like me I have done a Foundation Degree in Makeup Artistry and have done level 5 in Diploma in teaching and have taught media makeup at an outstanding college for the past 5 years teaching level 3 - Ba HONS.

Someone who has not just learnt tutorials off of You tube and copied someone else's work Youtuber's and Instagram makeup artists tend to merely be recreating deceptively edited filtered makeup looks not accessible to real life and would never be suitable for someones wedding or every day life.

I know some very talented makeup artist that I helped train on Instagram I am not shunning Instagram but just be aware of the difference between a qualified professional and a "self taught makeup artist"

A trained makeup artist has practiced all the variations of eyeliner, eye shadow, blush and lip techniques like a pianist practices the scales. Through such practice techniques are mastered and refined.

A qualified professional is going to have Health and safety training, they are going to be able to recognise a contraindication, cover a tattoo, blemish, skin conditions, they are going to know what is going to suit you and understand why and how to adapt makeup techniques to suit different people and skins. I am in no way boo hooing self taught makeup artists some the greats like Pat McGrath are self taught artists but someone who has practiced a few looks from Youtube on their friends and family and posted edited images is not a qualified professional makeup artist you want to use for any makeup look, never mind your wedding makeup.

Question 10 Are you insured?

Now this is a question I am never asked as makeup artist from my clients, but is a requirement for makeup artists to attend wedding fayres fyi.

Having public liability insurance is just common sense and protects everyone involved if anything was to happen, insurance protects the artists kit, and lively hood as well as covering the client if anything should happen to them. Like insuring your car its better to be safe than sorry just for that piece of mind. Most insurance companies asks for proof of qualification too so this means that your artist is a qualified professional.

I hope you found these questions useful if you had any more questions you would like to know then please do get in touch with me either on,




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