6 Top tips to make your Wedding day makeup last longer

Heather Card Fri 21 Feb 2020
I have put together my top 6 tips in achieving long lasting makeup suitable for your wedding day in this blog. There are always things you can do to help prolong your makeup but I would suggest only using professional brands when trying to achieve a makeup that will last all day as these tend to contain more pigment and ingredients that help them last longer on the skin than the cheaper versions, however preparation is key to achieving a beautiful bridal look.

Prepare the skin

Your makeup can only be as good as your skin so you need to take care of it especially in the run up to your wedding day where you are going to observed closely and photographer and videoed you want your skin to be in the best condition it can be. I suggest washing your face with a mild non perfumed cleanser like Simple every day to help remove makeup, dirt and oil. If you dry scaly patches try using a gentle scrub to exfoliate that area or try Johnson baby lotion applied to the skin do not rub it in leave it on the skin for 10 mins and buff off with a soft cloth I use this technique in the winter when my skin transitions from the cold weather to central heating and it works a treat. Dab your face dry and apply a light moisturiser opt for a gel based formula to leave the skin smooth. 

Apply your flawless base

Choose your perfect foundation shade by first finding out your undertone are you cool or warm or neutral?  find the perfect formula to suit your skin type. if you tend to find your skin is oily opt for a matte finish if you have drier skin opt for a cream foundation.  Always use a primer before applying your base my favorites at the moment are E.L.F Pore-less primer and illuminating primer it is great for mature skin.

Apply foundation to the center of your face and blend outwards you can use your fingers or a foundation brush I love a Kabuki brush and a stipple brush for producing a really soft focus finish on the face. Make sure you set your foundation with a translucent powder before applying your blusher unless it is a cream or liquid formula then if so apply this first and powder after. you can use a  powder puff or blotting sheets to help remove excess oil throughout the day or if you opt for airbrush makeup on your big day then you do no need to blot it at all.

Apply your concealer

I always like to apply concealer after foundation but  before it is powdered as I find this helps the concealer blend in better to the skin I always use concealer on the eyelid to neutralise the eyelid to give a neutral base to work on and apply eye shadows too as this will make your eye makeup last a lot longer too.  Make sure after applying concealer to the eyelid that you set it with a powder or a neutral shade eye-shadow to prevent it from creasing or sitting in any fine lines.

opt for concealer shades half a shade lighter than your foundation if you want to look more awake a great tip is to use your foundation! look inside the lid and any foundation that is in and around your lid will make a great concealer. Only apply concealer where it is needed on those problem areas do not over use it and can cause too much build up with the makeup and start to look thick and cakey which is not the look we are going for.


A great way to make your blusher stay put is to layer it apply a cream or liquid blush to the plumpest part of the cheek the apple then apply a little bit of translucent powder to set the blush and then apply a powder blusher over the top with a large fluffy blush and this will ensure your blush stays fresh and vibrant all day.

Waterproof Mascara

This is an absolute must use for my brides just in case you shed a tear of joy on your special day or get caught out in the rain you would hate to have a beautiful makeup on only to ruin it with streams of black liquids running through your base. Always use a waterproof formula I also use a waterproof foundation too but you can buy setting sprays that will make your base waterproof if you have not chosen to use airbrush makeup for your special day. 


Lipstick is a nightmare for a bride, getting it to last all day to be able to survive through kissing, drinking, eating and still showing up for those camera moments too is a nightmare but there are things you can do to help your lipstick stay on for as long as possible. Exfoliate your lips and apply a balm whilst applying the rest of your makeup this will help hydrate your lips. Apply a nude lip liner all over your lips to give your lipstick something to stick to apply your lipstick with a brush and blot and re-apply. Matte lipsticks last the longest but can often be hard to apply to the lip. I like to make my own matte lipstick by applying my normal lippy to my lips and then applying a thin layer of translucent powder through a thin piece of tissue onto the lip turns my lippy matte and I find it really does last a long time. You could try using a lip stain instead of a lipstick as these stain the skin of the lip and they do not transfer and they do last. There are lots of options to try, I always get my Bride to get a lipstick that she likes and is happy with or I will pick one up for her after the trial and she can use that to top up through the day. When you pop to the loo you can pop on a little bit of lippy too. 

I hope these tips have helped you make your wedding makeup last longer.

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