A short guide on lipstick finishes and how to use them effectively

Heather Card Thu 25 Apr 2019
There is an array of lipsticks out there I just wanted to talk about the different types of finishes that are available and how to use them effectively….


Matte  lipstick is very popular at the moment and is a growing trend this type of finish is very bold and usually a statement colour but is hard to perfect due to its dry consistency. Some matte lipsticks can drag, emphasize fine lines, dryness of the lips so you must make sure the lips are well prepped by exfoliating and moisturising with a good lip balm.

I like to create my own matte lipsticks by applying a cream based lipstick to the lips and blotting with  tissue, re apply and then set with translucent powder the cream consistency allows for easier application with less drag and the powder gives that matte texture and finish and real staying power.


Satin lipstick gives a sheen like a cream lipstick but with the boldness of a matte, the added sheen provides moisture to the lips and prevents dragging and accentuating fine lines on the lips but has a long wear time and intense colours.


Cream is not really a finish but more of a consistency , they moisturise the lips, easy to apply and glide on with ease and are long wearing they do tend to bleed so using a lip liner is a must. Ensure it is a complimentary shade if you can’t match it or even a translucent pencil will work preventing the feathering without changing the colour of your lipstick like some lip liners do once applied to the lips.

If you only have a different colour lip liner ensure to coat the entire lip with the pencil and apply the lipstick over the top but this may effect the final colour result but will look better than a miss matched lipline

High shine

High shine is a great alternative to sticky lip gloss the lipstick is infused with a fine shimmer , this type of lipstick is hydrating, a stronger coverage than a sheer lipstick but the shine fades over time so you will have to keep this lippy  in your handbag as it does not have the staying power of mate or a cream lipstick.


Frosted lipsticks seem to be making a come back and are often applied on top of cream, satin or matte lipstick to add a frosted sheen this type of finish is often pearly and can give an icy look to a lipstick, this type of finish can be quite drying due to the amount of shimmer so you need to ensure lips are well prepped before applying this finish of lipstick as the shimmer can emphasis lines and wrinkles on the lips once the colour fades the shimmer can remain so use sparingly. Frosted lipstick were very popular in the 90's and 2000's in shimmering pink hues.


Metallic lipsticks are highly pigmented like a matte lipstick but in a creamier consistency so allows for a smoother application onto the lip. The colour is often toned with gold, silver or bronze reflective shimmer a lot like a ferroroche wrapper, these finishes are not as glittery as frosted lipsticks but still give a lot of shine like liquid metal.


Sheer lipsticks give a subtle wash of colour to the lip great for an everyday look that does not require much maintenance, the consistency is wetter so is easier to glide on and does not sit in the fine lines ,however it is not as long lasting as cream or a matte lipstick and will require reapplication.

The sheer finish is the most forgiving of lipsticks and is a great place to start if you want to start experimenting with your colour and then you can build from there.

 Enjoy experimenting and creating your own lipstick finishes.

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