Caring for your skin in winter

Heather Card Wed 02 Jan 2019
Great skin care leads to a great Makeup application, I ensure all my Brides care for their skin all year round, but particularly in the months leading up to their big day.

If you have dry skin you probably think using the thickest, greasiest cream is going to solve your dry-skin problem but this is not necessarily the case. Indeed it will be better than something that is too thin and watery but you want to be looking at the ingredients

You want to be looking for creams that contain natural oils this will help replenish your skins natural moisture seal.

I know it sounds weird combating oily skin with oil but I promise you that it does work the body stops producing the excess oil because is hydrated.

If you have acne prone skin make sure you are using products that do not contain alcohol or fragrances these can cause irritation and even allergic reactions these ingredients strip oil from the skin, causing the skin to dry out more and cause the skin to produce more excess oil.

You need to be using moisturiser daily and not just on days when your skin is flaring up, make it part of your daily routine this can help keep your skin healthy.

 The best time to apply moisturiser is straight out of a shower your skin is already nicely hydrated now its time to lock in that moisture.

Exfoliating is not a bad thing but you just don't want to do it too often. When you exfoliate it needs to be gentle, use warm water and a mild exfoliator, a soft cloth and towel to get rid of dead skin without damaging it.

A harsh cleanser is not doing your skin any favors opt for a milder formula with moisturising ingredients.

Ditch the soap entirely!

Look for a soap free cleanser, unscented or naturally scented products are a lot kinder to your skin and less likely to strip your skin of its essential-oils.

Make sure you pat your skin when drying and don't scrub it as this can damage the skin and cause flakiness.

Add a few drops of essential oil to your bath it will help you relax and will help keep your skin soft and subtle.

Please bare in mind that these remedies and tips should be attempted over a long period of time and not tried the night before the big day, encase of any adverse reactions to the ingredients. If you use soap on a daily basis then keep using it, but if you want to change your skin regime and have beautiful, moisturised and glowing skin then start changing it a Month or two before your Wedding day so your skin has time to adjust.

Natural Remedies Great for the skin

Avocado & Olive Oil

Squash an avocado with a bit of olive oil for a moisturising face mask.

Honey & Oatmeal

Use a mix of oatmeal and honey with warm water to gently exfoliate the skin or leave on for 15 minutes for a soothing mask

Honey & Salt

Use this mix to exfoliate dry skin anywhere on the body, rinse with warm water.

Mixing sugar with a little olive oil also works well for an exfoliating moisturising scrub. 

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