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Heather Card Wed 25 Sep 2019
If you have chosen to do your own DIY makeup for your wedding day then check out these hints and tips to help you achieve your perfect bridal look. Here is a short checklist I have put together for you to help you achieve the best possible result with some hints and tips thrown in for good measure. Or why not book your own one to one wedding makeup lesson and learn to create your dream wedding makeup using products that you already own effectively.

First things first  you need to put a makeup bag together of a few essential items. I recommend having (lipstick, gloss, concealer, blotting paper, powder, grips, small hair spray, tissues & a couple of cotton buds just in case) in your makeup bag and give it to your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid for safe keeping for the day.

Practice, Practice, practice,

Practice your makeup look before the big day and record what products you used and how you used them, take photos so you can recreate it perfectly on your wedding day.

Make sure on your wedding day morning you have a Zen area where you can go to do your makeup, so you have some privacy, you can relax and do your makeup in peace without any interruptions or distractions.

  • Before applying your foundation make sure your skin is well moisturised, primed and apply balm to the lips before applying any makeup.
  • Cotton buds or as the Americans like to call them Q-tips are a life saver as they can be used to help tidy up any wobbly lines, lipstick smudges, fall-out or mascara mistakes.


Wait for the mascara to dry if you get any on your foundation and lightly rub off with a clean disposable mascara wand to brush it away or use a Q-tip.

  • Always do your eye makeup first, then you can clean up any fall out ( where shadow or pigment drop off onto the cheek) with a cotton pad and Miscella water or a good old fashioned baby wipe. then you will have a clean fresh face to apply foundation and concealer to. 
  • Make sure you use an eye primer if you use a nude toned eye primer this will help neutralise the eye area removing any dis-colouration and give you a blank canvas to work on.  The primer will give your eye shadows something to adhere too allowing your shadows to remain true in colour and longer lasting.


Apply foundation first then concealer can be used lightly just on those area that require a little more coverage like the nasal area, chine, under the eye etc.

Choose foundations without talc, Zinc, titanium dioxide and without SPF as these ingredients can cause flash back in professional photography instead use HD ready makeup.

  • Don't apply foundation too far down the neck and decolletage  as it will transfer onto your neckline of your dress and look unsightly.
  • Apply foundation on your ears if they are on show as they can appear dis-coloured on camera under certain lighting.
  • If you have excessively oil skin use blotting paper to help soak up the excess oil rather than applying powder this will prevent you over powdering the skin and it becoming cakey in appearance.
  • Love Gel liner but have run out, use your Kohl pencil liner instead heat up the end with a lighter to soften and use it like a gel, make sure it does not become too hot and if it become misshapen then roll the nib in your hand to create the desired shape taking care not to burn yourself.
  • Always use a waterproof formula for you mascara as you would hate to be caught out with the unexpected emotions that can be stirred up on your wedding day. 


If your mascara has gone glooby then add a couple of drops of contact lens solution to your favorite mascara and voila its like new!

  • Don't want to use falsies then choose a mascara with extra fibers or brush on some translucent powder over your lashes with a mascara wand and thoroughly coat lashes root to tip ensuring you coat every lash to get even coverage as you don't want it to look lumpy and bumpy.


Heat up your lash curler before curling your lashes be very careful not to over heat your curlers 

  • Apply lip liner all over your lips before applying your favorite lippy  and don't forget to blot with tissue and re apply as this will help the lipstick last longer.
  • Tidy up the edges of lippy with concealer or translucent powder works wonders and prevents the lipstick from bleeding apply with a square ended brush for precision.
  • To make lips look bigger try applying a highlighter, shimmery eye shadow light shade onto the centre of the bottom lip instead of using a sticky gloss this will add dimension to the lips without your hair sticking to it, if you are going to use gloss then just apply it to the middle of the lips and not on the edges so you do not appear like you have been drooling over the groom or the wedding cake .
  • Use blush even if you don't normally wear it this will add colour and definition to the face and will prevent you from looking washed out on film.

Dust your T zone with a fine translucent powder before you leave and you are good to go.

Still thinking that you need an extra hand then why not book a wedding makeup lesson and learn to use your own products effectively and professionally.

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