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Heather Card Wed 02 Jan 2019
Everyone has a unique eye shape it is not a one size fits all as sometimes an eye shape is made up from a combination of different shapes...

Your eyeshape might be made up for 1-2 different eye shapes for example you could have small protruding eyes or even small sunken eyes.

when working with eyeliner I use lots of different ones on my clients but my personal favorites are using gel liner as I find it easiest to control and long lasting I love Inglots gel liner it has real staying power even on the waterline. I love creating a smokey effect with a kohl pencil and blending out with a pencil crease brush with lots of Bad Gal mascara from Benefit for a quick 5 min smokey eye.

Almond Eye

An almond eye is an eye shape that you cant see the whites of the eye all the way around the iris and resembles an almond in shape. (Most desired eye shape like the Oval face shape)

If you have an almond eye then lucky you, any eyeliner look will work on you you must ensure you pay attention to how much of the eyelid is visible as this will determine how thick your eyeliner should be. If you can see lots of lid then a thicker eyeliner will work just fine, but if you don't have much of an eyelid due to a prominent brow for example then you may want to stick with a thinner more tight lined eye.

Round Eye

A round eye is an eye shape that you can see the white above and below the iris when you look straight ahead in front of you.

With this eye shape you want to elongate the eye and balance out it's roundness, a longer winged eyeliner look will suit this eye shape, start thin and thicken as the lash line meets the Iris and extend out into a flick.

Mono lid Eye

This is an eye shape that has no natural crease above the eyelid and appears flat this is a great canvas to work on, a dramatic cat eye or a graphic liner works well with this eye shape. Ensure your eyeliner is thicker if there is lots of lid space visible so it does not disappear when your eye is open, if the lid space is thinner then apply eyeliner that gets thicker on the outer corner.

Deep Set/Sunken Eye

This is an eye shape where the brow bone is more prominent and can make the eye appear small you want to avoid using a thick eyeliner and line the top lash with a thin line tight to the lash line and concentrated on the outer corner of the eye and three quarters of the way across the top and bottom lash blending out so there is no eyeliner near the inner corner of the eyes.

Protruding Eye

The protruding eye shape makes eyes appear quite large and like they are popping out from their sockets. The best eyeliner for this eyeshape is a thick line from inner corner to outer corner to decrease the amount of eyelid that is on show, avoid anything glittery and shimmery as this will only accentuate the eye shape more.

Hooded Eye

The hooded eye shape is an eye shape where the crease of the eye is not visable when the eye is open, because of the extra skin drooping over the eyelid this can just be partial to the outer edge of the eye or can also effect the entire eye, this eye shape means that there is a small lid space to work with so a thinner tight eyeliner looks work well across the top lash line, applying a flesh tone eyeliner to the waterline of the bottom lashes will help open out the eye, white eyeliner might be too over powering.

Up Turned Eye

The up turned eye shape is best diagnosed by imagining drawing a straight line across your entire eye from the inner corner to the outer corner the outer corner of the eye will be up turned and go up towards the brow. The lower lid appears longer than the top lid so use eyeliner to balance out the eye shape , by applying a straight thick line across the top lid and extending out straight on the outer corner of the eye.

Apply a thick eyeliner to the bottom lashes from the middle of the iris to the outer edge of the eye and this will help keep the eye in proportion.

Down Turned Eye

The opposite of an up turned eye, the imaginary line across the eye the outer edge of the eye would turn down instead of up. The top lid looks longer on this eye shape, the best eyeliner look to work with this eye shape is to apply a thin eyeliner to the inner corner of the top lash and thicken it as it moves towards the outer corner of the eye into a wing tip this will help lift the edges of the eye upwards, do not use eyeliner on the lower lash line opt to use a flesh toned liner instead to help balance out the eye shape.

Wide Set Eye

In this eye shape the eyes are set quite far apart on the face, you are able to fit at least an entire eye in between both eyes this means they are wide set, then you need to balance this out by focusing on the inner corner of the eye and drawing them closer together by lining round the tear duct and avoid thickening the outer edge of the eye. Use a tight line instead.

Close Set Eye

In this eye shape the eyes are situated close together on the face, you are not able to fit an entire eye shape between the two eyes this means they are close set.

You need to apply your liner thinly towards the inner corner of the eye and thicken it as you get to the outer corner , focus your eyeliner and shadow on the outer part of the eye to pull the eyes apart.

Small Eye

The eyes are considered in small in proportion to the rest of the face, avoid using black on the waterline as this will only close the eye off instead opt for flesh toned liner on the waterline to help open the eye up and make them appear more awake, A cat eyeliner works well for this eye shape start with a thin line and gradually get thicker towards to the outer corner of the eye and extend upwards into a cat eye, leave the bottom lash bare or only blend liner into the outer 3/4 of the lower line to prevent closing the small eye off.

Like I have said before some eye shapes are not exact and can be made up of two to three different shapes and these must all be taken into account when choosing what eyeliner shape is going to suit you and your eye shape the best, I hope you have found this blog useful.

Have fun trying out your different eyeliner looks.

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