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Heather Card Thu 03 Jan 2019
An insight into my wedding and special occasion makeup kit...

I specialise in airbrush makeup so I felt like I should talk about this first as I actually apply, the foundation, blusher, highlighting, contouring and blush with this I could even do my eye makeup with it and brows, but I prefer to use my traditional brushes for the eye area.

so what is airbrushing I hear you cry.

An Airbrush is a tool used for applying liquid makeup it is a gun tool that sprays foundation, blush, contour through with air onto the face that gives a beautiful flawless natural result that lasts.

I use Airbase makeup as this is more than just makeup it is also kind to the skin with added vitamin E this improves elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduces the signs of fine lines.

Airbase makeup boasts longevity and durability and as its High Definition ready it is perfect for those precious wedding photographs and even video.

"I love using Airbase Make-Up. It gives a professional flawless finish looks so fresh and natural with long lasting results that stay put all day"

Julia Carta, X Factor MUA

I particularly like Benefits Big Beautiful Eyes and find it is very popular with my Brides due to its satin finish and neutral colours, its beautiful and will always be one of my go to products for wedding makeup.

Inglots AMC eyeliner Gel are to die for they are highly pigmented and long wearing and they become smudge and crease proof once dry, even on the waterline! and can be used both traditionally and creatively they are Hypoallergenic and waterproof and I just love it and I use the black a lot.

NYX ultimate palettes are a must have in my kit I have a variety of different finishes and textures ranging from matte, satin, metallics and shimmers, something to suit everyone, I have a wide variety of colours, warm and cool neutrals, brights and smokey although I am yet to use Bright on a bride we will see what 2019 has to offer.

Morphe make some great neutral matte and satin palettes just perfect for Brides , these high pigmented blend able eye shadows last from am to pm and are a new addition to my kit.

Huda foil eye shadows, glittery and matte finishes all in one pallette and in colours of pinks, oranges and purples I personally wear this one nearly every day.

kiko well their makeup just smells define and so appetizing, I use a far bit of Kiko throughout my kit and my brides just love the smell of the makeup and are always intrigued by it and want to smell more products.

Mac's soft and gentle highlighter is perfect for that wedding day glow I actually purchased it for my own wedding as I wanted a silky soft highlight to give that lit from within look rather than a mirror ball at a disco that some other brands can give you, not that I don't love glitter which I do, but perhaps not for a wedding makeup.

I use lots of other brands too but wanted to talk about some of my favorites and my clients favorites too.

I use and adore I love makeup the chocolate block eye shadows palettes I use them on myself but as its a high street brand I do not use them on my clients although I think the pigments are absolutely fantastic and are on par with some higher end brands.

I use Mac Lipsticks as they really have the staying power that other cheaper lipsticks just don't , although I always tell my brides to purchase or use a lipstick they own, so she can top her lippy off during the day after eating and drinking all day it just does not last.

I hope you have found this blog informative and given you an insight into my kit and the my go to products as a makeup artist.

If you would like to try out my products why not book your self a makeup lesson or book me for a special occasion and you can see first hand all my wonderful products and tools.

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