Makeup Techniques I use when working with a mature skin

Heather Card Wed 02 Jan 2019
Depending on age, skin type and undertones each person's cosmetic needs are different, Mature skin has characteristics and needs that other skin does not here is a few makeup techniques that I use when working with my mature client's

Always prime the skin and eyelids first before applying any other makeup products to the skin., Ensure your skin is well moisturised, using a SPF protection I recommend this all year round and this helps reduce the sign of sun damage that can cause premature aging of the skin.

Foundation & Powder.

Choose the correct colour of foundation to suit your skin tone and undertones, I carry out the 3 stripe test by applying 3 stripes of foundation that I think suits my clients skin tones and which ever one disappears into the skin is the correct shade, however everyone differs and some people like to have a warmer base if this is the case then you must make sure you blend the foundation down the neck to hide any tell tale lines that your base is an incorrect colour.

My airbrush foundation does not contain SPF ingredients, however I make sure my client has SPF protection on her skin before the makeup is applied.

I make sure my clients skin still looks like skin and is not a thick mask, I want my clients to feel like the most attractive version of themselves rather than someone they don't even recognise in the mirror.

I don't like to use a lot of powder on a mature skin as this can settle into the fine lines and cause them to be more visible, If I do use powder, it is my superb HD glow which gives a beautiful natural sheen to the skin without being too glittery. I can also mattify my makeup base if someone wanted something more classic or vintage.


I like to use a cream satin blush in warm tones on a mature skin as it blends smoothly and adds a natural flush to the face, giving it a natural youthful glow.

Applying the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blending lightly backwards and up towards the corners of the eyes helps return a youthful fullness which can sometimes be lost as we age.

I don't like using powder blushers on mature skin in the same way I don't like to use too much setting powder as this can sit in fine lines and accentuate them instead of concealing them.


I love to use neutral tones on the lids that emphasizes my clients natural eye colour and make them 'pop' and define their shape.

Light, satin finish eye shadows work brilliantly on a mature eye as this brightens up the eye area.

When working with mature client's eyes I don't tend to use very matte or sparkly finishes in my products I tend to go for more satin finish as the other finishes can accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and textures on the eyelids.

Brows & lashes

I ensure that my clients Eyebrows and lashes have been defined and refined to counteract the appearance of thinning or lightening. I like to use a light brow pencil or a brow powder to suit my clients natural hair colour and I follow the natural shape of the brow so they don't look harsh or drawn on, I use feather strokes to create the appearance of a fuller brow.

Black mascara is a favourite of mine but I also like to use, brown or even grey as these can also work well if my client has light, white or grey hair and I have used these colour's multiple times on many mature clients.


For mature lips I like to use sheer moisturising lipstick to add colour and keep the lips smooth and full I prefer to use neutral shades like pinks and taupe's as these emphasis the natural colour of the lips and suit most skin tones.

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