Questions I like to ask my Brides before a makeup trial

Heather Card Fri 04 Jan 2019
There are some questions a makeup artist should ask any client before performing any makeup services...

Are you allergic to anything?

This subject is often covered in the signed contract or at consultation stages, but it is always better for the artist to know in advance of any booking if you are allergic or have any contraindications that may prevent or restrict a treatment, as they may have to adjust their kit accordingly so giving them notice will allow them time to adapt to your needs.

Do you have any concerns?

This is your chance to ask the artist any questions and let them reassure you with their knowledge and expertise, it could be a slight skin irritation, dry patches, dark circles etc it could be something small or it could be something that could prevent or restrict a treatment either way tell your makeup artist so they can reassure you, and so they can come prepared with the correct tools and kit to suit you and your needs.

How do you normally wear your makeup? Have you got any pictures of makeup that you like?

I always like to ask this question as this gives an artist a clear indication of what it is you are after or going for with your makeup look.
This also gives us an idea of what is going to work for you for example if you say I don't wear much makeup normally then I know chances are you are not going to like somethingĀ  too heavy, too made up, dark eyes, bright lip but would prefer something more natural and refined and that accentuates your facial features without over doing it on the products this is not always the case and some people like to try out new things and still love it but that is where an artist's experience will come in.
I always like to ask my clients to share any pictures of makeup looks that they like before the trial and at the trial as again that gives me an idea of what my client is going to like and I can organise a makeup kit accordingly.
I personally love my brides to look like them selves on their wedding day but the most beautiful version of themselves, I make them look and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

I hope you have found this blog useful and now haveĀ  an idea of what your makeup artist is likely to ask you before your makeup trial.

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