The best way to choose makeup for a darker skin tone

Heather Card Wed 02 Jan 2019
Finding the right shade for any skin tone can be challenging to know what colours and tones you actually are although there are lots of brands out there like MAC, BobbiBrown and Airbase it can often prove difficult due to diagnosing the skins undertones.

The skins undertones can either be Warm, Cool or Neutral

The best way to find out which undertone you are is to look at your veins on your wrists this will normally be made up of blue or green.

If your vein appears to be green then you have warm undertones which tend to be more yellow and golden tones. If your vein appears blue then you have cool undertones which are more pinks, reds, and blues in the skin. If your veins appear to be both blue and green then you have a neutral undertone which is made of both warm and cool tones.


For darker skin tones you may have lighter areas of skin on the face , make sure you test your foundations on multiple areas of the face, jawline, neck and forehead and blend into the skin. Choose 3 shades you think are your skin tone and apply to these areas and whichever one blends seamlessly into the skin is your perfect match.


Best option for blush for darker skin is deeper colours as these are more flattering than pastel pinks and peaches as these can appear ashy on a dark skin. Colours such as burgundy look great on a cooler undertone skin and fuchsia and bright orange work well with a warm undertone.

Cream blush can work wonders and blend seamlessly into the skin on all skin tones and types particularly good for a mature skin.

Eye Shadows

Darker skins are lucky and pull off most eye shadow colours, I personally feel deep or bright colours work well such as purples, greens and even blacks can look fab on a dark skin tone.

Stay clear of white, frosty textured shadows and these can appear unflattering and ashy on a darker skin tone. Matte finishes and satin colours look great and I particularly like the affordable Sleek and I Love Makeup eye shadow palettes they give a bright, pigmented, vibrant shadow with real staying power without the expensive price tag.


Deeper reds, purples look great on darker skin tones, warm browns and golds can also look superb a flesh coloured gloss or nude lip can also work wonders on a darker skin. Make sure if you have darker or lighter lips that you apply a thin layer of concealer or foundation over the lips to neutralise and even out the natural lip tones before applying your favourite lippy.

Experiment and practice and have fun with it

Why not book a makeup lesson tailored for your darker skin needs where we can discuss suitable products, you can learn some new techniques and ask lots of questions all to a professional Makeup Artist.

If you have any questions regarding your skin tone then please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will more than happy to help.

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