The Makeup Brush Guide

Heather Card Fri 01 Feb 2019
Your guide to the must have makeup brushes and how and what to use them for when applying makeup.

There are literally hundreds of makeup brushes available on the market I am going to be discussing the types of brushes you get in a makeup brush set, the essential brushes for applying your makeup.

As a Makeup Artist I do own a lot of brushes , different sizes, types, colours and even I dont use them all I want to share with you the makeup brushes that you cant be without in your own makeup kit.

I do not sell or endorse any brands of brushes, I have a wide variety of branded brushes, I am just going to be talking about their shape and function. I don't always use my brushes as they are intended to be used I use them for multiple functions which I will explain to you in this blog.

Angled Brush

This is great for precision and often used for Brow defining using powder, pomades and gels, I personally use this brush for Gel eyeliner as this gives me precision with a shorter bristle than a normal eyeliner brush. 

Flat Eye shadow Brush

This is used for patting on eye shadow and loose pigments onto the eyelid and brow bone this brush can be dampened to enhance the depth of colour this brush comes in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses and I use this type of brush all the time when applying my eye shadows.

Blending Brush/Crease Brush

This brush can be used to give a wash of colour to the eyelid but it predominantly  used for blending. I dont' go anywhere without one.

I use to blend my colour's into the socket line and to soften and blend my edges of my eye makeup on and around the eye, i have been known to use this brush when buffing in my concealer under the eye area.

Medium Eyeshadow Brush

Does the same as a flat eye shadow brush but allows for a faster application of colour, it can also come angled which is great for creating that smokey  eye gradiant look with the darker outer corner.

Smudger Brush

This brush is used to blend eye shadow under the eye and blend eyeliner or I like to use a pencil crease brush to do the same job. 

Fine Liner Brush

This brush is used for applying liquid or gel eyeliner and is the perfect shape and size for creating the flick, I rarely use this brush as I prefer to use an angled brush.

Mascara Wand/ Spoolie

This is used to apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes and as a makeup artist we never use the mascara wands that some with a mascara due to cross contamination, so we are always equipped with spoolies.

Fine Lip Brush

This brush is used for applying lipstick to line the lips and I often use this type of brush for cleaning up a lip line with concealer or translucent powder if its needed.

Large Lip Brush

This brush is used to fill in the lipstick or gloss once the lips have been lined.

Concealer Brushes

These brushes are used for applying concealer I often use the flat concealer brush to apply the concealer and the blending brush to buff concealer into the skin to stop it looking too thick on the skin.

Blusher Brushes

This blusher brush and angled blusher brush are used to add powder or cream colour predominantly to the cheeks, I like to use the angled brush when applying contour to chisel out the cheekbone, I like to use this brush when applying my own blusher to help define my cheekbones and add more definition to my face.

Contour Brushes

These brushes are duplicates of ones discussed before, apart from the square brush these are used to apply contour and definition to the face and the fluffier brushes are used to apply the highlight and define the raised areas on the face such as the nose, lip and the cheekbone.

In this blog I have mentioned all the basic brushes and like I have said before there are many more brushes available on the market, but I recommend for everyone's makeup kit at least 5 brushes, foundation brush discussed in previous blog, contour brush, eye shadow brush, crease brush  and angled brush as part of your everyday basic makeup kit as these brushes all have dual functions and are a cost effective way of being able to create a full makeup look.

I hope you have found this blog useful if you did please share. More blogs like this available on my website if you have any ideas or a particular topic you would like me to blog about then please get in touch and let me know.

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