What not to ask a Professional Makeup Artist

Heather Card Fri 04 Jan 2019
This is a blog about what you shouldn't ask your makeup artist, but people do....

Can I have a discount as my friend said she can do it for £p?

I understand you have shopped around, found a makeup artist you like their site, portfolio, style of work andb then you start asking for discounts I am not saying don't ask as we are all taught if you dont ask you dont get or so I was taught, however asking a makeup artist to match the prices of another makeup artist or a friend is not...

A makeup artist will charge their worth, they charge for their expertise, the products that they use, their credentials and experience a cheap artist is not always the best, and are not always qualified professionals in some cases.

Your not just paying for a pretty makeup you are paying for:

  • A makeup artist to travel to you, road tax, car insurance wear and tear on the car and fuel.
  • Expensive high quality products and tools
  • Public and liability insurance
  • Years of training, experience and practice
  • The artists continued training and development to ensure they stay current
  • Hours spend carrying out admin tasks such as email correspondence, phone calls and drawing up contracts
  • Marketing so you can find their services when you search
  • Time artist spends with you even before the trial but at the trial and at your wedding day often long hours away from their families at unsociable hours and on the weekends too
  • Bills and taxes
  • office supplies.computer etc 

This is my 3rd trial!

Not really a question more of a statement this is worrying to hear to a makeup artist, as we all have different ways of doing things, different techniues we have our own style & niche and our own vision for your makeup look, we take into account all sorts of factors  when designing you your perfect makeup from your natural colouring, the colour of  your dress and style, to what time of day your event is, and if you have provided some inspirational imagery  this too will be considered.

If a bride is going from artist to artist then this leads me to believe that she may never be happy and might be better suited to a makeup lesson or avoided with a barge pole. Now I am not saying this is always the case as they may have chosen the wrong fit and you could be a perfect match.

You need to find an artist and look at their portfolio and see if you like their style and application of makeup. There is no point going for makeup artist that specialises in Instagram style makeup if you are after a more natural, refined makeup as the chances are you are not  going to like what ever they produce never mind how beautifully applied it may be if it is not you.

I need my makeup to last all day, I don't want to start too early in the morning?

We know, that's our job to ensure it is going to last you all day and night, we use primers, setting sprays, powders and good quality products to ensure this happens it my job to apply beautiful flawless makeup that will last thats why I use airbrush makeup as it has fantastic longevity, durabiltiy and as its HD ready is perfect for wedding photography.

You may have to top up your lippy and powder if you have excessively oily skin but apart from that you should be touch up free.

If I am going to do a bride, a mother and 5 bridesmaids  then this is going to take time even if I have assistance, we are going to have to start early to make sure everyone is picture perfect and ready for the ceremony time. If your ceremony time is later in the afternoon then we may not have to start at the crack of dawn.

What lipstick should I use on to touch up?

Now this is an okay question to ask at a trial but not on the wedding day morning whilst we are packing up after many hours of applying hair and makeup to your wedding party. We cant just hand out our lipsticks.  This will need to be purchased before the wedding, at my trials I tell my brides what lipstick I am using and they either buy it themselves or they buy something similar that they can use throughout the day to touch up their lippy.

What if I don't want a trial?

As part of my bride booking I always include a trial as it is about trying out different makeup looks, choosing colour's ,to match the colour theme, style of wedding, your wedding dress and its about making sure you fit well with me your Makeup Artist and that we share the same vision for your wedding makeup look. 

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want yet as this is the perfect opportunity to explore some different ideas and colour choices you will be able to try out your new look and feel confident and happy with your bespoke style ready for your wedding day.

A trial also gives an artist a good guideline on timings for your wedding day and whether  they might  require an assistant too.

Its also peace of mind for you and your makeup artist , to show up to one of the biggest days of your life and not know what you were going to end up looking like is a just calling for trouble.

A bridesmaid trial is not always necessary some makeup artists might disagree, but just having an idea of what you would want your bridesmaid to look like is sometimes enough for a good makeup artist to make your vision a reality.

I like to do bridesmaids trial in front of the bride so she is able to help determine and finalise the vision she has for her bridesmaid and sometimes even her mother every bride is different and every artist is different so find out how they like to work.

I don't like blush, I want a nude lip?

Some people dont like blush I get it but this is not your everyday makeup strolling round the supermarket or at the office this is your wedding day, when you are on show 24 7  and will be photographed pretty much from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you will go to bed you want to look your most polished and best. You are having professional wedding photographs taken these are going to become family heirlooms and used to decorate your home you want to look your best, colour to the cheeks and lips, adds dimension and life to the face and is so flattering if done right.

Sorry were late, can we hurry up?

Your makeup artist has quoted you the time needed for your appointment and is written into your contract you have signed. It is your responsibility to ensure everyone sticks to those times as it is ours to ensure we are on time too. If you are late it could cause your artist to fall behind and they may run out of time to get everyone ready. We always try to aim to get everyone done in the quickest time possible so you have time to relax, breath and celebrate with your bridal party, before getting into your dress this can only happen if everyone sticks to the schedule, we know that things happen and it is outside of anyone's control, and we will always try our best to accommodate these changes.

I don't use any other brand than...?

A makeup artist's kit is very diverse and will be made up with a variety of different products and brands it is unrealistic to expect your makeup artist to only work with one brand. If you want an artist that only works with a particular brand then you are probably better going to a department store and having your makeup done at a makeup counter so you can guarantee the artist uses that particular brand, but why not give the other brands a go you might find that you like them even more, the artist will have chosen them for you for a reason.

This blog is a light hearted blog about some of the questions I know makeup artists have been asked in the past and I thought I would share, so you already know the answers and you don't have to ask.

There are also questions a makeup artist should ask you so I am going to be creating a blog on that too.

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