Why You Need a Makeup Artist and a Great Photographer for your wedding

Heather Card Wed 02 Jan 2019
I understand the temptation to cut costs for your wedding I know I have been there after eloping in August in Hawaii and hosting my wedding reception in the UK at The Racks, Clifton Bristol. I know how expensive a wedding can be but we only do it once right?

I think in my experience two things you can’t skimp on your wedding day in my opinion is a photographer and your Hair and Makeup Stylist.

Those photos are going to be passed down to your children, Grandchildren, used to decorate your home, and that of your parents, or relatives or even close friends imagine if your photos were poor or you were disappointed with them would you want to share them?

Make sure you research your photographer and like their style of work before booking them.

The importance and role of a makeup artist ( that’s me) is much more than just applying products, its about knowing what works for you and your skin needs, it’s about making you feel the most beautiful, attractive version of yourself and making you feel the best you can possibly feel.

We work very closely with photographers and we ensure your makeup is picture perfect.

A makeup artist becomes a friend, a stress reliever, a bouncer, a wine/Presecco pourer, a lipstick applicator, a seam stress and someone who can help do up the dress, someone you can rely on come rain or shine or even snow ( believe me I have driven 26 miles in the snow to get to my Bride) someone who can handle pressure, time constraints, difficult wedding party members and of course we want you to look and feel your best and we will make sure that happens every time. Your makeup artist will be with you every step of the way from carrying out initial consultations, trialling out your hair and makeup ideas, to applying your perfect look to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

If you opt to do your makeup yourself I recommend having a makeup lesson especially tailored for your wedding look, the makeup artist can show you using your own products or recommending other products and show you how to get the most out of your products and create the perfect look that is right for you and your wedding style.

I say practice makes perfect so make sure your practice your makeup application before the big day check out my caring for your winter skin blog for some home grown skin remedies.

So why not have a lesson, learn some new skills and practice and ask your Makeup Artist for some feedback on your makeup.

If you want to book a trial or a lesson with me please get in touch.

If you book me for your wedding you will not only get a professional makeup and hair stylist you will get everything I mentioned before, why not get pampered and remove some of the stress out of already stressful day.

If you book a wedding makeup lesson with me,I will teach you how to create a look perfect for you. I offer you a feedback service so you can apply your wedding look yourself and practice until it is perfect and I will give you constructive feedback along the way to ensure you look and feel picture perfect for your wedding day.

If you are still unsure why not book a no obligation wedding trial, to try out some wedding makeup ideas and discuss your wedding party needs.

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