How to clean your makeup brushes

Heather Card Thu 11 Jul 2019
Cleaning your brush should be an important part of anyone's makeup regime, maintaining healthy, clean and sanitized brushes is a must if you want to get the best out of your makeup at home.

Never leave brushes to soak whether in IPA or shampooed water as this can cause the glue holding your brush together to disintegrate and cause bristles to loosen and fall out. Always make sure when drying your brushes that they are facing down so water cannot run up your handle and eventually cause damage to the handle and the glue.

IPA Cleaning Method 

once a week is the minimum you should be

cleaning your personal brushes, my kit brushes clean them after each and every client, as I have to make sure there are no bugs or germs left on my brushes so I like to use IPA Isopropyl alcohol which is 90% alcohol to sanitize and clean my brushes. IPA air dries so is really great if I am having to do multiple people so I can ensure my tools are clean and sterile between clients as the brush dry’s quickly I can instantly use it.

You need to watch what container you put IPA in as some plastics will melt either instantly or over time so I always use a small glass tumbler.
You only need your IPA to be as deep as your brush bristle because it evaporates you don’t want to fill up a whole glass and end up wasting it, make sure you replace the IPA after every few brushes to ensure you are using clean IPA to remove dirt from your brushes and not just washing your brushes back into dirt and germs.
I do have enough brushes in my kit so I do not always have to re-use my brushes on a job, or I  will instead opt to use disposable brushes although  I absolutely hate sponge applicators with a passion I just love using fluffy brushes when applying my makeups.

Fairy Antibacterial Washing- Up Liquid

My new favourite way to clean my own personal brushes is to use Fairy antibacterial washing up liquid, warm water and a colander. You read correctly a colander you drain your veg in makes the perfect tool for cleaning makeup brushes!

 I put the washing up liquid into the bottom of the colander and  place the colander into a washing up bowl of warm water, I then dip my brushes into the liquid and use the holes of the colander to help clean right to the root of the brush by rubbing the brush across them using a stirring action I then, dip my brush into the water and then rinse under the tap to cleanse out the soap, I  leave brushes to dry on a tea towel or small towel or hang them over the edge of the sink to prevent misshaping my  brushes.
You can really see the dirt coming out with this method, so make sure you change the water often to prevent harbouring germs and bacteria in your brushes.
If you are suffering from breakouts and problem skin try cleaning your brushes more often, your skin will thank you for it later, it really can make a big difference.

Baby Shampoo

Using baby shampoo to clean your brushes is also another good product however it is not antibacterial so some bacteria may still be present lurking somewhere in your brushes but using shampoo does keep the quality of the bristle soft and your brushes smelling really great.

Unfortunately brushes do not last  forever and experts say to replace them every 3- 4 months?! I do not do this, but if I see a brush shedding excessively, discoloration or general wear and tear I will look to replace it immediately I definitely have some favorite brushes and to have to replace them every 3 months would be a nightmare.

However I love buying makeup brushes and there are so many fab designs to choose from. I personally love a unicorn brush with a pointed handle, they come in array of different colours and they look cool.  I am absolutely loving the Dragon Glass brushes inspired by GOT of course they are so peculiar and I really want a set I will have to ask Santa.
Currently in my brush roll I use both synthetic and real hair brushes and I do not have a preference to either, as both do a good job.

Look after your brushes and they will look after you.

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