Is Airbrush makeup for me?

Heather Card Thu 26 Sep 2019
Is airbrush makeup suitable for me, my skin type, tone, texture and taste? here are a few things you need to know to help you determine whether airbrush makeup is in fact suitable for you.

Already have fabulous skin that just needs a little pick me up. A layer or two of airbrush makeup is all a brides needs for gorgeous flawless skin that will last all day.

Not a fan of heavy made up skin?

You want to look like yourself but just on a really good skin day?

You want your makeup to last over 12 hrs?

You want waterproof, sweat and tear proof makeup?

 Then airbrush makeup is for you with it's light layering and texturing on the skin it still allows your skin to be skin and look like skin with a light but flawless coverage it lets freckles shine through and adds a soft radiance to the face making you appear naturally lit from within.

Oily skin?

Airbrush makeup is perfect for oily skin types as it is so light, long lasting and actually stops pores producing too much oil, if the shine gets to be too much then a HD Mattifying powder can be applied on top of your airbrush makeup to remove excess shine.

Sensitive skin?

 Is your regular foundation causing your break outs then you would benefit from airbrush makeup it is so hygienic as limited brushes are used on the face. it is hypoallergenic and does not contain harsh chemicals, it allows the skin to still breathe and does not clog up your pores.

Makeup tends to slip on your face?

It does happen to some of us eye makeup sliding off, blusher disappearing and fading. Airbrush makeup techniques can be used to apply a full face of makeup including eyes and brows and will last 12 hours+ Airbrush makeup is sweat and waterproof and life proof and long lasting so once it is dry it does not slip or budge throughout the day and it has to be removed with makeup remover, cleanser, hot flanel or a wet wipe for speed. You can ask your MUA to use airbrush products for your entire makeup look.

Foundation makes your skin look dry and cakey?

whether you choose to go for a sheer or full coverage with airbrush makeup it looks perfectly natural as it is built up in thin, fine layers so it never becomes cakey despite giving fantastic coverage it is not sticky and thick like most traditional foundation techniques. 

" oh wow it feels like I am wearing nothing at all "

Suffer with Acne?

some people say airbrush makeup is not suitable for acne but I beg to differ yes traditional foundation is thicker and can cover i.e mask the 3D element of acne but airbrush makeup can be built up and used to conceal and even out the skin tone whilst still appearing natural, not cakey, sticky or thick.

Have a summer/Monsoon Wedding booked?

Beat humidity with airbrush makeup as it is sweat and water proof and wow can I vouch for it here, so 2017 I got married in Beautiful Hawaii on the beach very romantic but ironically there was a hurricane off the coast that brought high winds, seas and of course rain! It was very hot, I was sweating but my makeup stayed put all day and did not budge an inch luckily I made sure I had water proof mascara on too.

I absolutely love airbrush makeup it is so versatile and can be adapted to suit everyone and anyone. Get in touch today to book your own amazing airbrush makeup experience.

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