7 Things your MUA wish you knew

Heather Card Mon 16 Dec 2019
I absolutely love my job as do many makeup artists and beauticians but in the words of Peter Griffin what really grinds my gears is

Timing, timing timing.

If you are getting married before 1pm and there is more than one of you to be done then you will need to get up early! It's 40 mins per person for makeup and an hour and a half with hair dependent on hair style. I personally like to have every one ready at least 30-45 mins before they need to be as dresses can and do take time to get into. If your ceremony is at 12 be prepared to be ready by 11.15. If your Mua/Hair stylist says they want to start at 7am they mean they will be set up by 7 and ready to have the first person in their chair by 7am not 7.30, not 7.4, 7am as this really hinders the artist to be able to work within the specified time limits and sometimes the artist may have other bookings they have to get to, so it is imperative you stick to the agreed time scales for the sanity of everyone involved.

Natural Makeup

Sending your makeup artist a picture of Kim Kardashian or little Mix etc and saying you want natural makeup like theirs I am here too tell you like all good Makeup Artists should this is not a natural makeup! it is full coverage and it is not a basic or simple makeup like some clients call it. I am more than happy to do you a version of this full coverage makeup but it wont look the same but trust my expertise and advice and let me create you something that suits you. I specialise in airbrush makeup giving a natural, sheer  gorgeous finish to the skin, however it can also be used to cover tattoos so a full coverage makeup can be achieved with layering up the airbrush but without the the thickness and the cake of conventional foundations.

Allergies, illness, infection and Disease

We spend a good majority of our time off cleaning brushes and sanitizing and cleaning our kit to ensure we are not passing round any unwanted bugs and infections between clients, as part of my booking process my clients sign a contract to say that no one in their party has any allergies and if they do to declare them. This also goes for illnesses and infections. Letting me know if you have something contagious does not necessarily mean you will not be able to have your makeup done but allows me to cover myself, my kit and other potential clients, I can decant my products and use disposable brushes to ensure I do not contaminate my tools and equipment but only if I know before hand so please let your artist know.

Haggling Prices

Artists have priced them selves for various reasons there is not one price suits all unfortunately as you are paying for different artists skills, experience, expertise, training, insurance, professional tools and products, demand as well some artists will only do a wedding with a 3 person minimum, some charge more for bank holidays and even weekends and travel. I believe you get what you pay for and should ask your self the question why is it so cheap what products are they using, how long have they been a MUA, are they insured correctly, is it a business or more of a Hobby I.e are they doing it full time?

You wouldn't get a portrait tattoo of a loved one for £100 would you? can you imagine how it might turn out?

Please remember I don't pocket everything I make. I pay taxes, I buy stock, disposables, new tools, pay assistants and stylists, pay an accountant ,advertisement & marketing, insurance, fuel, car costs etc you are paying for a skill and convience too. I am not saying everyone cheap does a poor job as some will have just started out etc but just make sure you like your chosen artists work, check they are insured, qualified, confident, competent and able.


I love seeing pictures as inspiration hence why when you book with me you get access to your user area where you can upload up to 10 inspirational imagery to give me an idea of the sort of makeup style you like and are looking for. I don't just copy it, I re-design it to suit you, your colouring, eye shape, lip shape, age, skin condition and develop it so it is suitable for your event.

If you have an unruly un-kept brow and expect a defined arched brow without waxing, threading or trimming then think again, book your self an appointment before your makeup trial and before the event to ensure your brows are ready.

If you show me a picture of a blonde, blue eyed super model with a warm smokey eye and you are brunette, brown eyed person the chances are you are not going to like the warm smokey eye on you again like I said before trust my experience, expertise and let me design you something smokey still but that will be more in keeping with you.

I am a makeup artist not a plastic surgeon I use brushes and sponges not syringes and Botox. Inspired by the words of Bobbi Brown makeup should enhance you, not mask you and should not be used to change your skin tone, you don't need to contour your nose it's fine.

you have lines and that's okay.

I am a human being if you don't like a makeup I have done please tell me I can easily fix it I want you to be 100% happy. I am more than happy to put in the extra time and work to ensure you leave my chair happy.

Do not tell me I can do what ever I want and that you are not fussy if you do not mean it! I am happy to take your guidance.


It is the Bride's day what she wants, says go's today if she wants you all to wear natural makeup, or all have the same eye makeup then so be it I will do that, however rest assured I will still tailor to suit you and your eye shape, colouring etc but will always aim to keep the Bride happy.


when your artist is working on your face you can close your eyes,  or even look around you don't need to stare into their soul. When we are doing your eye makeup please close both eyes and don't try to peek with the other eye as this causes the eyelid to have involuntary movements causing creases and an un-even result, let us do both eyes and then we will show them to you after.


I don't know about other artists but I have been a media makeup lecturer for the past 8 years I know I don't mind being watched whilst I work and I am happy to answer any questions that you or other people may have but let me work, don't crowd round me and get in the way of me reaching my tools and equipment.

Houston we have a problem


Please come to your appointment or wedding day with a clean, makeup free face this will speed us up without having to spend 20 mins removing 3 day old mascara and eyelash glue. I do a makeup in 40 mins which is accounted for when quoting my time for a job, I can do a makeup in 30 mins but I like the extra time to ensure it's perfect, perhaps applying lashes or doing last min tweaks if necessary but If I have had to spend 10 mins removing makeup I loose out on this time.

Another thing you can do to help us speed up when setting up specially at a wedding venue is to ensure the flat surface is clear and ready to use I may have to move it to ensure I have natural light whilst I work but if it is already clear and empty it makes it a lot easier and quicker for me to move it into position. Anticipate our moves, we are going to need a plug, we want to have the most light possible and natural if possible we like to be positioned in front of a window.  I like to have my client facing out the window and I will stand in front of them so I get the light hitting their face so I need this space to be clear ready for my arrival so I can immediately set myself up.

I hope you have found this article useful please feel free to share. I just want to say I absolutely love my job and wouldn't change it and my clients have been nothing but wonderful. I didn't want to cause any offence with this blog it's just some of my thoughts.

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