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10 Essential Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers: Enhance Your Look Behind the Lenses

Master the art of makeup with glasses through my top 10 tips for perfect application. Discover how to harmonize your makeup with your eyewear, whether you're aiming for bold brows, flawless eyeliner, or vibrant lips. Learn expert tricks like curling lashes to avoid smudging, choosing the right eyeshadow shades, and using highlighter to brighten your eyes. My guide is tailored for those who wear glasses, offering advice on everything from concealer techniques to prevent under-eye shadows to creative ways to add a pop of color. Get ready to enhance your beauty behind the lenses with confidence and style.

Focus on Your Brows:

Ensure your eyebrows are well-groomed and filled in neatly, as glasses draw attention to your brow area. Fill in gaps with brow pomade, gel, powder, or pencil


Eyeliner Proportions:

Match eyeliner thickness with your frames – thicker eyeliner for thicker frames, and thinner liner for delicate frames. If your lenses magnify your eyes, line your waterline for definition.For lenses that make eyes appear smaller, use a highlighter or flesh-tone liner in the inner corners to open up the eyes.

Lip Emphasis:

Consider making your lips the focal point with bold colors like red or burgundy these colours suit most skin tones and work especially well if your frames are prominent.

Mascara Magic:

Curl your lashes to prevent them from touching the lenses and apply mascara primarily to the top lashes to avoid smudging. try applying a hint of colour over the top of your black mascara for a subtle look try purple or blue.

Neutral Eyeshadows:

Opt for neutral eyeshadow shades that don't compete with your frames. A subtle, matte finish works best. Use light, non-shimmery shades on the center of the lid and a darker matte shade in the crease to add definition.

Highlight the Inner Corners:

Use a highlighter or light, shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and open up the eye area.

Under-Eye Concealer:

Use a lighter concealer under your eyes to counteract any shadows cast by your glasses.

Balanced Eye Makeup:

If your glasses magnify your eyes, go light on eye makeup. Conversely, if they make your eyes look smaller, be a bit more dramatic to compensate.

Experiment with Colors:

Try colored eyeliners or mascaras for a subtle pop of color that’s not overwhelming.

Eyeliner Flicks:

Adding a small flick with your eyeliner can elongate the appearance of your eyes, complementing the shape of your glasses.

Remember, the key is to balance your makeup with your glasses, not compete with them. These tips can help you achieve a harmonious and flattering look.

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