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Expert Tips for Long-Lasting Blush: Make Your Blusher Stay All Day

Discover professional makeup artist techniques to ensure your blush stays vibrant and flawless all day. Learn how to layer products, choose the right formulas, and apply them perfectly for a lasting, beautiful glow.

To ensure your blusher lasts all day, follow these steps:

Apply Primer and Foundation:

Start with a clean, moisturized face. Apply primer, followed by your foundation for a smooth base.

Use Cream or Gel-based Blush:

Choose a cream or gel blush in your desired colour. Using a small blusher brush, apply it to the cheekbones or apples of your cheeks, depending on where you want the colour based on your face shape.

Buff and Pat the Blush:

Gently buff and pat the blush into your skin. This helps to blend it seamlessly and prevents it from sliding or shifting.

Apply Concealer:

Apply your preferred concealer under the eyes or on any blemishes blend well.

Set with Powder:

Using a powder puff, set the under-eye area with your chosen powder. Then, using the same powder puff, gently press over the area where you applied the cream blush. This sets the blush and helps it stay put.

Apply Powder Blush:

Choose a powder blush in a similar tone to your cream blush. Apply it over the cream blush with a new brush. This not only intensifies the colour but also prolongs its staying power.

Add a Final Touch of Cream Blush:

With the same brush you used to apply the cream brush ,apply a small amount of the cream blush over the powder blush. Be careful not to apply too much to avoid a cakey look. This step adds a fresh glow.

Set with a Setting Spray:

Finally, mist your entire face with a setting spray. This helps to lock in all the layers of makeup.

By following these steps, you create layers that reinforce each other, leading to a long-lasting blush effect.

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