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Everyday Makeup Simplified: Master Your Daily Beauty Routine

Discover our easy-to-follow guide for a flawless quick everyday makeup look. From perfect primer application to the final swipe of mascara, learn expert tips for a natural, seamless finish. Ideal for beginners and everyday makeup enthusiasts!


Make sure your primer works with your foundation if you are using a silicone primer then you need to make sure you are using a silicone foundation. oil with oil, water with water look at the top 5 ingrediants this will give you a rough idea of what your primer and foundations ingrediants contain.

Apply your primer with your clean fingers and let it settle into the skin.


Define and fill your brows with a product that suits your comfort level. Powder is beginner-friendly and allows for a more natural look.


Remember, less is more! Warm up the foundation on the back of your hand and gently buff into the skin for a natural finish, starting from the center of the face and blending upwards and outwards for an even coverage.

Concealer:(yellow on the chart)

For instant under-eye brightness apply a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your natural skin, or use a concealer the same tone as your skin for a natural look. Apply it to the inner and outer corners of the under-eye area, extending towards the tail of the brow and temple. Also, cover any blemishes or discoloration around the nostrils.

Bronzer:(brown on the chart)

Use a bronzer stick, blending from the back of your hand onto your cheekbones. Start near the hairline above the ear, fading inwards for a natural shadow do not extend the shade past the outer corner of your eye for even more of a lifting youthful look. For longer faces you may want to contour around the entire hairline and chin; otherwise, bronzer on the temples and forehead suits most face shapes.

Apply bronzer to the side of your nose and under the lips and blend well. Sweep the remaining bronzer product from the brush over the eyelid and brow bone for a lifted look.

Blush: (red on the chart)

With a cream blush and a clean brush, blend the product on the cheekbones from the back of your hand to help soften the formula. Apply your blush between where the bronzer and concealer meet. This creates a seamless, melted-together finish. You could just use a bronzer for this look if you didn't want to work with blush you would still achieve a lifted glowy look.

Set your face:

Use a powder puff and translucent powder for fair skins and skin tone powders for medium to dark skin to prevent the makeup from going ashy. Set the concealer under the eyes. Then, gently press the excess powder across the entire face to blend all products seamlessly.

Final touches:

Swipe on your favorite lipstick and mascara to complete the look. You could always add an extra pop of colour by applying a powder blush over the top of the cream blush to intensify and prolong the wear of the makeup.

Voila! You're ready to face the day with a beautifully natural makeup look.

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