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Master the Art of False Lashes: 8 Pro Tips for a Natural and Flawless Look

Unlock the secrets to perfect false lash application with our expert guide. Discover 8 professional tips for achieving naturally beautiful, long-lasting lashes that enhance any makeup look. From choosing the right lashes to seamless application and maintenance, this article is your go-to resource for all things falsies, ideal for makeup enthusiasts and artists alike.

False lashes can transform a look, offering longer, thicker, and fuller lashes that still appear natural. Whether for a dramatic flair or a subtler enhancement, the following tips are used by a professional makeup artist to ensure comfort, security, and a natural appearance.

Gentle Removal from Packaging:

Always use tweezers to carefully remove strip lashes from the packaging. This prevents stretching, distorting, or tearing.

Lash Preparation:

New lashes can be stiff. To make them more flexible and natural-looking, gently ripple and shake the lash, separating the fibers feel free to give them a comb with a clean spoolie.

Correct Measuring:

A common oversight is failing to measure the lashes against one's natural lash line. The lashes should start a few natural lashes from the inner corner and end where the natural lash line ends. Cutting should always be from the outer edge, maintaining the tapered natural lash appearance.

Choosing and Applying Glue:

There's a variety of glues available. I however love Duo they are available in a variety of finishes including latex free and even black. After applying a little mascara to the natural lashes, the chosen glue is applied to the false lash rim make sure you give it time to become tacky for the best stick.

Application Technique:

For self-application, looking down into a mirror is more effective than closing the eye. Press the lash into place sticking it down from the center of the lash line pressing along the glued edge across into the corners, using tweezers allows for a tighter seal, ensuring a more natural curve.

Blending the Lashes:

A favorite technique for blending is to apply eyeliner along the upper water line this technique is called tight lining make sure you are extending it to where the strip lash begins. This method works even when not using strip lashes, enhancing the appearance of natural thicker defined lashes.

Lash Removal and Care:

An oil-based makeup remover can gently take off the lashes. Cleaning them after each use prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps them looking natural for future wear.

Cleaning the Lashes:

Clean the lashes with IPA or a brush cleaner, using a paper towel and cotton bud. A comb-through with a mascara wand after cleaning keeps them in optimal condition.

Step up your lash game with our expert guide to false lash application in 'Make Up Your Face'. This chapter walks you through everything from selecting the perfect lashes suitable for your eye shape, to mastering seamless application and essential maintenance techniques. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a seasoned artist, this book is your ultimate resource for mastering the art of falsies. Get ready to transform your look with the confidence and skill of a pro!

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