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Mastering Eyebrow Shaping and colouring: Essential Tips for Every Face.

Discover the art of perfect eyebrow shaping with our expert guide. Learn about the key aspects of brow anatomy and how to choose a brow shape that complements your unique face. Our blog offers detailed techniques for applying brow products, ensuring natural and flattering results. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our guide, featured in the book 'Make up Your Face,' is your go-to resource for all things eyebrows.

Choosing the right eyebrow shape is crucial for enhancing and balancing one's unique face shape. Before diving into brow shaping techniques, it's essential to understand the three key parts of the brow: the start, the arch, and the end or tail. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with terms like arch height, arch shape, thickness, definition, and length is important for understanding and discussing brow aesthetics.

The arch height, shape, the brow's thickness, its definition, and length all play significant roles in how the brows frame the face. The aim is always to work with the natural shape, enhancing and filling with makeup rather than excessive hair removal.

Face shape is a key factor in determining the ideal brow shape. Each face shape has specific brow shapes that complement it best. For detailed guidance on matching brow shapes to different face shapes, refer to the dedicated chapter on face shapes in Make up your face the makeup book you will ever need.

When it comes to application techniques, using upward strokes with products like brow powder, gel, or pencil is recommended to emphasize the arch's fullness. The use of a thin, angled brush for application ensures precision, and starting from the end of the brow helps achieve a natural gradient effect.

It’s not necessary to conceal around the entire brow; shaping should be sufficient, with just a touch of highlighter under the arch for added definition. This approach ensures the brows frame the face without becoming the focal point.

Creating a more defined brow involves brushing the hairs upwards, tracing the root line, and then filling in with a natural color that complements the overall hair and skin tone.

Choosing the ideal brow color is a nuanced process that extends beyond simply matching the hair color. For a harmonious and impactful look, considering both hair color and its undertones is essential. Confidently selecting the right brow shade enhances the overall makeup look.


Selecting the right brow shade for blondes depends heavily on their hair's undertone. Ashy, cool blondes often suit gray or ashy brown tones, sometimes with a hint of khaki. Warm blondes like strawberry or golden shades typically pair well with warmer light brown or taupe shades.


For those with auburn hair, undertones play a crucial role. Lighter, strawberry blonde brows may work best with taupe or golden blonde shades, while warmer, more auburn brows might suit an auburn shade.

Fortunately, the market offers a wide variety of shades for red-haired individuals.


Dark hair doesn't always necessitate super dark brows. Brunettes should generally opt for a brow color one or two shades lighter than their hair. Ashy, cooler, or light brown hair can be complemented with medium brown.

Well-defined eyebrows are essential for a polished look, enhancing the face's natural beauty and accentuating the eyes. For more comprehensive insights and techniques for achieving the perfect brow, the book "Make up Your Face" is an invaluable resource. It offers detailed, step-by-step guidance for creating your perfect brow.

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